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Lead contact: Professor Jens Holst



UCPH is a large University with 30,000 students founded in the 15th century. The Faculty of Health Sciences is the home of several education departments, including medicine. Specially supported research centres include a Centre for Diabetes and Obesity research to which the Holst group belongs. The group is part of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at UCPH. It includes a Professor in Endocrinology, Associate and Assistant Professors and PhD students, post-docs, students and technicians. The group has >25 years of expertise in obesity and diabetes, and gastrointestinal hormones, and has contributed about 1000 scientific papers on these topics. Among the most important achievements were the discovery of the structure, and the insulinotropic and appetite-regulating properties of the incretin hormone, GLP-1, the demonstration of the degradation of this hormone by the enzyme, DPP-4, and the demonstration that enhancement of the anti-diabetic actions of GLP-1 could be obtained with DPP-4 inhibitors. Further studies are leading to the use of GLP-1 analogues for the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

Short profile of the staff members who will be undertaking the work:

Professor Jens Juul Holst, MD, PhD. Head of the group, Vice Chairman of the Department.
Expertise in metabolic endocrinology, pancreatic hormones, gut hormones, neural regulation of metabolism, gastrointestinal endocrinology. Leading expert in incretin hormones and their role in the development and treatment of diabetes and obesity. Expert in development of new animal and human experimental models for elucidation of the function of pancreatic and intestinal regulatory peptides. Expert in development of assays for the quantification of GI peptides.

Associate Professor Carolyn Deacon, PhD. Expertise in the metabolism of regulatory peptides, including pioneering research into the metabolism of the incretin hormones. Expertise in enzymology, in vivo pharmacology, peptide biology, and assay development.

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