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Lead contact: Klaske van Norren

Email: Klaske.vannorren@danone.com

Web: www.danone.com

DANONE develops, tests and validates hypotheses resulting in scientific insights, principles and concepts that can be transformed into safe and responsible specialised nutritional products for the most vulnerable groups in our society; babies, toddlers, patients and the elderly. DANONE comprises over 200 scientists (most of whom possess a PhD degree). These scientists operate in two dedicated research centres in The Netherlands and in Germany. DANONE pioneers the scientific understanding of the relationship between food and health, thus enabling design of nutritional products based on scientific insights and consumer needs. While internal expertise is a critical aspect of our research drive, we also work in close collaboration with leading international centres for nutritional research. We are currently engaged in research projects and clinical trials with more than 200 universities, hospitals and specialised institutes across the globe, with the singular objective of developing safe, efficacious nutrition-based solutions to benefit the development, recovery and health of our consumers. Our research pipeline is sharply focused against high leverage programs. Core research competencies such as immunology, nutrient metabolism and gut biology are being leveraged across opportunities in Baby Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. Our multi-disciplinary research approach coupled with a strong external research network and the integrated way of working within our Divisions has the potential to extend DANONE's leadership position in the specialised nutrition industry.

Short profile of the staff members who will be undertaking the work:

Dr Klaske van Norren (employed both at DANONE and WUR) is the project leader for WP17 and the DANONE contact person for WP1. She graduated cum laude for both phases of the study of Medical Biology (Utrecht University). She obtained her PhD at the Nijmegen University and at DANONE has gained more than 10 years experience in research on clinical nutrition for surgical, oncology and HIV patients. She recently joined the group of Prof Dr R Witkamp at WUR, an employment alongside her job at DANONE. She has more than 20 papers and 14 patents. Many papers were in high impact factor journals. (EMBO J , Nucleic Acids Res , Am J Clin Nutr, Clin Chem and 3 papers in Br J Cancer). She presented her work at international conferences, with more than 30 abstracts, e.g. in 2009 she presented 4 orals and 1 poster.

Dr Mirian Lansink works as a senior scientist at DANONE. She graduated cum laude for both phases of the study of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Leiden. She did her PhD research at the TNO Institute for Nutrition and Health in Leiden (cell / molecular biology in the cardiovascular area), before taking up a position as scientist at DANONE, responsible for in vitro research for clinical nutrition and nutritional supplements (wound healing, osteoporosis, cholesterol, blood pressure and obesity). She is involved in the development of clinical nutrition in the area of diabetes and obesity. Her works ranges from concept, development through to design of clinical research. She published 17 papers and has 7 patents.

Dr Johan de Vogel-van den Bosch is a scientist employed in the Disease Targeted Nutrition category of DANONE with a strong interest in the effects of nutrients on health. He has extensive experience in mechanistic animal nutrition intervention studies to study large intestine integrity, whole body insulin sensitivity, and molecular markers of muscle and liver insulin sensitivity.

Dr Ardy van Helvoort is director for Disease Targeted Nutrition Research at DANONE, leading a research group of experimental biologists, concept and product developers, and clinical trial scientists to design, develop, and substantiate scientific evidence on nutritional products that support patients suffering from diseases like cancer, HIV, COPD, renal failure, and diabetes. After his PhD (Utrecht University and Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London), he continued his work on multidrug transporters at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Today, he has published more than 45 peer reviewed papers and abstracts, and is the author of several international patent applications.

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